Bulgogi (불고기) | Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ refers to a globally popular method to grill meat. There are two stand-out features of this style of BBQ.

  • The charcoal or gas grill is located right in the middle of the table, usually embedded inside! 
  • It comes with a bunch of excellent side dishes called banchan “반찬”. Some of these dishes might be familiar to you like kimchi, bean sprouts, spinach, fish cake, pickled radish, fried fish and much more. Each restaurant will serve their own variation and the best part is that it comes with the meal!

What is Bulbogi (불고기)?

“FIRE MEAT” No seriously, Bulgogi comes from the Korean word bul-gogi (불고기), bul means fire and gogi means meat. The beef used is often one of the good cuts: Sirloin, Rib Eye or Tenderloin where the marbling is more pronounced. Historically, beef was very hard to come by in Korea and this dish was reserved for nobles and the upper class. 

Today, we can enjoy this AMAZINGLY FLAVORFUL dish every which way. You can get it as a street food in Korea, in a taco from a truck, AYCE buffets to Michelin Star restaurants costing hundreds of dollars for just a bite!! 

From A Korean American Perspective | Charlie - Founder

When you bring up Korean food, the three dishes that come to mind are Korean barbeque, kimchi, and bibimbap. Although I love all three dishes dearly, there will always be a very special spot in my heart (and stomach) for Korean BBQ.

Bulgogi (bul:fire, gogi:meat) which hold its place amongst the top in the array of the Korean BBQ cuisine, to me, is a dish that never fails.

It was always a treat when my mom would take out a nice batch of marinated, ribeye slices for dinner and my mouth would water as the aroma of Korean BBQ filled the house. It is a super comfort for me and I think, for all Koreans.

101 Tea Haus kitchen team Asian Fusion

At the tail-end of a long shift in the kitchen at 101 by Tea Haus, so starved, I’d put together just a few of my personal favorites on the grill for a quick bite: rice, kimchi, fried egg and yes, the bulgogi with healthy drizzle of our Haus curry over everything. I never grew tired of it! And we just HAD to add this to the menu, hence the Manager’s Special.

Bulgogi is such a staple food in the Korean cuisine that I’m so proud to have it represent the Korean flavor in some of our most popular items such as the above-mentioned Manager’s Special, Korean BBQ Tots/Fries, and our latest addition, the Seoul Burger. They may be Asian Fusion food, but next time you order any one of them, know that you are going to be biting into a dish that has been around for more than 2000 years since the ancient Korean times!

Secret Sauce of the Recipe

The primary flavor profile of this recipe is similar to most East Asian cuisines: Soy Sauce and Sugar. This golden combination of sweet and savory has spread deep into the hearts of the Global palate. Popular dishes using this dua include Teriyaki Chicken, Chinese Braised Pork Belly, Pad See Ew, Hong Kong Fried Flat Noodles, Anything Chinese Stir Fried & Korean BBQ. 

However the secret to Bulgogi is the use of Korean Pear. Not only does this golden pear give the meat a natural fruit sweetness, but the proteases found in Korean Pears are unique in that it not only tenderizes the meat, but without the common discoloration you might get with more acidic enzymes. 

Togheher with some garlic, onions, ginger and sesame oil you have yourself the global phenomon known as Korean BBQ! 

SEOUL "Korean BBQ" Burger | Tea Haus

A sneak peek behind the scenes on how we make our popular SEOUL Burger.

Double quarter-pound beef patties, with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions smothered with our secret Korean BBQ marinade!

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea, home to over 9 million people! it is home of commercial giants such as Samsung, Kia, LG and Hyundai. But one innovation that tops them all is Korean BBQ!!