101 by Tea Haus x Koko


Bubble Teas

BUBBLE Waffles

Night Market Snacks

A Taste of Koko

We’ve partnered with Austin’s top food blogger, A Taste of Koko, to launch a secret menu featuring her favorite Taiwanese snacks.

Come try the snacks and bubble teas and snap a picture!

“Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve had hundreds of restaurant owners and service industry reach out to me for help,” says Koko, “I launched Hundred for Hospitality in late March, raising over $15,000 for local restaurants and providing thousands of meals to service industry workers. However, Asian restaurants have been hit the hardest during this pandemic so I felt this need to step up again. When I walked into 101 by Tea Haus and tried their food, I felt like I was back home in Taiwan and I want to share that experience with Austinites. I hope my pop-up will not only help our local restaurant industry but more importantly, break the stigma on Asian culture during this pandemic by having people enjoy Taiwanese food. For me, the best way to get to know a culture is through its food and I’m excited to share that experience through the Koko Pop-Up.”

Jane Ko, @atasteofkoko