What is bubble or Boba Tea?

Bubble Tea originated in the city of Tai Chung in Taiwan back in the 80s. It is at its core the pairing of tea with boba aka tapioca pearls or balls. Boba Balls are akin to the American cookie dough you might find in popular ice cream flavors except they are made with tapioca starch and brown sugar. The tapioca starch that boba is made from comes from the cassava root, so conscientious  customers can rest easy knowing that gelatin is not used in the making of these tiny balls of deliciousness.

There are a variety of ways to customize your bubble tea. There are black teas, green tea and Oolong teas which you can add either diary or non-dairy creamers, powders and/or milk to. Similar to coffees, today’s more sophisticated boba connoisseurs may choose to add almond milk or coconut milk like you would at Starbucks. 

How is Boba Prepared?

Boba is simply a starch that needs to be cooked in order for us to consume it. We first take the tapioca balls and add them to boiling water. We will then stir the pearls until they separate from each other and float to the top of the water. At that point we will allow the pot to simmer for an hour to slowly cook the balls without melting them. 

Once they are cooked, we carefully strain the boba and let it sit at room temperature until they have the perfect firmness and chewiness. At Tea Haus we add one extra step and marinate them in a honey simple syrup recipe for another 30 minutes to allow each ball to have maximum flavor. 

Is Boba Good or Bad For You?

That’s a similar question to is Starbucks good or bad for you? The answer is it depends. If you order your bubble with the highest quality matcha green tea from the mountains of Japan without any additives, you would likely say its good for you. The tapioca balls themselves have no nutritional value in terms of vitamins, but simply carbohydrates to provide you some calories. 

However, if you order an artificial fruit slushy with extra sugar and fruit flavors at many boba tea shops, then its probably not very good for you as excess sugar can cause a myriad of health  conditions. These are ingredients we don’t use at Tea Haus because it has been our mission to provide natural ingredients and fresh fruits when you order our boba tea. 

Tea Haus is an Austin based boba shop that is not a franchise. Popular shops that have sprouted in the past 3 years like Kung Fu Tea, Gong Cha, Sharetea and others are international franchise stores with a system of beverages and marketing. We have absolutely nothing against that and often enjoy purchasing drinks from them from time to time. 

However, we are different because we consider ourselves the second generation of boba shops. Instead of just using artificial flavors or powders in our teas, we use actual fruit and ingredients. For example our grapefruit honey green tea uses real grapefruit pulp blended into each drink. Check out our menu and see for yourself!

We also provide specialty craft drinks that you will not find at your cookie cutter boba shop. Our horchata is made from scratch days in advance as well as our cold brew. Franchises typically has set menus and procedures that they go off of without the variance of fresh produce.