Riverplace Steiner Ranch Tea Haus 101
Original Tea Haus Asian Fusion Boba

Tea Haus started off in 2014 as a small local boba shop in Austin. Our mission has been to provide high quality hand-crafted boba teas and coffee without the use of flavored powders, syrups and tea powders.

We brew all of our teas daily and they are sourced from Taiwan which is the birthplace of boba milk tea. When you see #Hausmade, you know it is made from scratch in our kitchen daily.

As Austin grew in both size and culinary sophistication, Tea Haus has evolved to provide authentic Asian fast casual foods in an American format. We carefully integrate the most popular street and comfort foods across Asia onto our menu and make sure we never mess with the OG recipes!​

Riverplace Steiner Ranch Tea Haus 101

Growing up Asian American in the 80s was uniquely confusing. We often would have polar opposite forces shaping our minds.

Our Asian parents would STRONGLY suggest us to be doctors, lawyers and accountants while our American friends would STRONGLY suggest us to follow our hearts and dreams. Anyone can make it to the NBA if you try hard enough. They would say. Our Asian parents made us play the piano and violin while our American friends made us play Tupac and Biggie in the car. Luckily, our Asian parents agreed to allow us to play sports but only because it looked good on college applications. Fast forward to today. Although only one of us actually made it to the NBA (Thank you Jeremy Lin). We’ve matured and learned to find balance between our East and West upbringing.

Tea Haus is really a representation of our childhood in food form. We all have a deep love of the authentic Chinese & Korean food we ate at home growing up. Whether it was Dumplings, Pho, Chinese beef noodles, kimchi or Korean BBQ we all understand what it’s supposed to taste like and how it is traditionally prepared. But if you were to take a poll of our favorite foods, I’ll bet 50% will have pizza and burgers in their top 5! This intersection is where you will discover what Tea Haus is all about, we transform the authentic OG tastes and recipes of our upbringing to the familiar presentations that we are accustomed to, hence Asian American food.